Grow mushrooms at home with Shrooly

If you’re interested in cultivating mushrooms at home, the small greenhouse called Shrooly might be intriguing.


It’s a transparent box where the user can grow one of twelve types of mushrooms at a time. To use Shrooly, you need to plant the company’s own mushroom pods in the small greenhouse. Then, the user selects the type of mushroom, and Shrooly itself ensures that the air temperature and other conditions are adapted to that specific mushroom variety.

According to the developer of Shrooly, it takes 7-10 days for the mushrooms to grow and be ready for harvest. A Shrooly unit costs around 300 dollars, and the mushroom pods used are approximately 15 dollars each. In other words, it can become quite expensive mushrooms.

From Store-Bought to Home-Grown Mushrooms: Meet Shrooly

Here, you can find Shrooly’s own video about the little mushroom greenhouse.

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